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06/10/15. svetlana khoruzhina: pickles, tea and pictures!

Svetlana’s back in Moscow. I sometimes wonder if the time we spent together was real or just another one of my vivid daydreams? Then I look up at my monitor and see the thousands of photographs we took during two … Continue reading

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the russian people: 1988-1992

I took ten trips to the Soviet Union between 1988 and 1992. I guess that’s not totally accurate. On Christmas Day, 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved into it’s various states and the place I visited was once again called Russia. … Continue reading

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10/24/13: red square. i was born there.

I was born in the year 1066 on land that is now called Red Square in Moscow, Russia. It wasn’t much of a village then, mostly a gathering of huts made of stone and logs held together by dried mud. … Continue reading

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05/31/13: art, and what makes a great portrait

Museums are an amazing source of inspiration, sometimes because an exhibition is so good but also when one is awful. Knowledge is gained in both instances. Today, as I strolled into a gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art filled … Continue reading

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