04/03/14: the muse


Following is a short essay I wrote for a possible article in Professional Artist magazine asking artists to talk about what inspiration they draw from their muse.

juliet doherty

I’ve worked on my muse project for several years now. It has not only changed my photography but also it has changed me as a person. That’s what a muse does for an artist. They make him better. When I’m with a muse they make the work so easy I don’t have to think about anything but what I see through the lens. I don’t have to talk or direct. We speak through movement and our minds.

People ask me how I find my muses and there is no easy answer. Often they find me. They want to work with me so badly there is no way I can say no. When they arrive in the studio an amazing transformation takes place. I don’t understand how it happens, but they become my vision of a muse, each woman with their own personality and sensibility.

eunbi kim

My recent muse shoots have become more intimate, often with a physical connection. These shoots are like nothing I have ever experienced. We become tied together in body and mind, opening up something in their souls I had never witnessed before, but can capture with my camera. A muse relationship is about trust, and the portraits I’m allowed to take now truly capture the meaning of the muse.

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