lily balogh: an experiment in photography

lily balogh: my favorite portrait 04/19/12

I’ve had a shoot almost every day for the past seven weeks. It’s difficult to remember what I’ve done. Madison McDonough, Paul Taylor Dance, Erin Arbuckle, Columbia Ballet Collaborative, Orchestra of St. Lukes, Ballet Next, Laura Halzack, and a lot of shoots with Lily Balogh.

At first, the experiment was to see how long I could shoot almost every day without going crazy. Then it became “how many shoots could I do with Lily”, keeping the ideas fresh and getting better all the time. I had no idea after meeting Lily for the first time on April 4th, we would do 12 shoots together in less than 3 weeks, at one point shooting seven days in a row. We probably would have done more (if it was up to Lily) but on a few occasions when we got together, I just needed to sit and talk so I could study her face. The short breaks helped me learn more about her and move on artistically, not falling into a rut.

This is one journal entry where the words are not necessary. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. All I know is in 3 weeks, Lily has made me a better photographer, no matter what is in front of my camera. So much warmth in one person.

lily balogh: the mirror series. 04/03/12

lily balogh: sheer fabric tube. 04/06/12

lily balogh: 04/09/12

lily balogh: keeping warm. 04/10/12

lily balogh: in my apartment. 04/13/12

lily balogh: on my rooftop. 04/14/12

lily balogh: jasper as her pillow. 04/15/12

lily balogh: riverside park. 04/16/12

lily balogh: after dusk on my rooftop. 04/17/12

lily balogh: audition photo. 04/18/12

lily balogh: laughing in the black shirt. 04/19/12

lily balogh: reflected light. 04/22/12

lily balogh: with sasha...a picture I love very much. 04/19/12

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