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steichen inspiration

This afternoon I went to see Steichen’s “The Last Printing” exhibition at the Danziger Gallery. No wonder it was the last printing! The quality of the images was horrible. Let me say that Steichen is one of my all time … Continue reading

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zarina stahnke

In some ways my photographs of Zarina are the culmination of everything I’ve learned in my life, both as a person and as a photographer. Zarina is the muse of all muses. I found Zarina on Facebook. It’s where I … Continue reading

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bill t jones

Continous Replay photographed on September 28, 2004 It’s hard to get inside the head of Bill T Jones. It wasn’t that way with Jacqulyn Buglisi. I was inside her head the second I walked into one of her rehearsals. I … Continue reading

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sara jean

Sara Jean. Probably the only woman I should have married and really my first muse. During my last two years of college I watched Sara Jean from afar. We lived in adjoining dorms and ate in the same cafeteria. Every … Continue reading

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carla dunlap: ms. olympia

Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger, I didn’t have any idea what a bodybuilder was. In high school, I did have an acquaintance who twice a year for some unknown reason got very skinny. As it turned out, he was a local teen … Continue reading

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